The Lowcountry Aging Advisory Committe, also known as LAAC, assists the LCOG's Aging & Disability Resource Center in identifying the needs of senior citizens and disabled persons. The committee meets a minimum of 4 times yearly.

  Esther Black - LCOG Board (C)
                             At large Rep (C)
Audrey Brown - Dept. of Social Services
Gerald Dawson - LCOG Board (B)
Ethel Denmark- Council on Aging Rep (H)
Ervena Faulkner - Senior Citizen (B)
Margie Fennell - Senior Citizen (H)
Judy Frank - Council on Aging Rep (J)
Susie Fripp Gordon -
Pete Hagood - LCOG Board (H)
Betty Hodges - Veterans Affairs

Patricia Jenkins- Director COA (B)
Leah Kidwell - Council on Aging Rep (B)
Marilyn Koerber - At large Rep (B)
Henry Lawton Sr. - LCOG Board (J)
                                        Senior Citizen (J)
Jenny Price - Senior Citizen (C) 
                           Council on Aging Rep (C)
Harry Scott - Social Security Administration
Marvile Thompson-Director COA (J)

Deborah Walsh - Disability & Special Needs (J)
Tammy Washington- Director COA (H)  


Procurement Committee:  Esther Black (C), Henry Lawton Sr. (J), Harry Scott (B), Vacant (H)

(B) Beaufort County   (C) Colleton County   (H) Hampton County   (J) Jasper County  (COA) Council on Aging